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We, the android app developer


We provide technology assistance to startups which want to venture with their mobile apps in industry.


We develop mobile based enterprise apps to automate internal and external processes of a business.


We build mobile apps for small-medium enterprises to enhance their productivity and increase revenue.

Rapidsoft offers a complete range of native Android app development services. We build Android apps from the scratch with taking the advantages of features and traits of world’s most dominating mobile platform. Every app we design and develop pull those qualities of Android to the utmost.


We offer fully custom Android app development services as per the demand of an idea. We believe in conceiving/conceptualizing an app from beginning so that the final product runs completely glitch free across the whole Android ecosystem.


Our Android app developers, with their skills, creativity and innovation, customize an app for various aspects such as processor speeds, screen size, OS versions, sensors, etc.

We develop mobile apps for world’s leading OS – Android.


  • Gidimo
    It's a social networking app to interact with friends who can also update their status or news.
  • Little Mouse
    It is an entertaining children’s, interactive storybook about Augie “The Little Mouse”.
  • Bubble Burst
    The Bubble Burst is an engaging bubble-style game. It just wants your attention to bust the bubbles.
  • Rapid Pin Ball
  • Tiewa
    Social Networking application sharing audio with the help of local or global network.
  • Emirates
    It reduces paperwork for management and other staff making roster plans and flight crew’s salary details.
  • Droid Shield
    It is device security, data & privacy protection and enhancement app for Android.




The retail landscape has much widened with mobile technology.

Real Estate

Mobile apps allow people to interactively search for properties.

Social Networking

Social apps  matter, for individual, business and organization.


Phones are powerful gaming and entertainment gadgets.


m-Learning apps are new way of learning and educating.


The retail landscape has much widened with mobile technology.


Apps assist organizations in solving enterprise-problems.

Digital India

India is an active IT player for nearly two decades global outsource software industry.

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